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Krausman Virtual Seminars Testimonials

Krausman's Woodcarving Studio has hit a "home run" with virtual seminars that provide superb instruction by first-class instructors on techniques that improve painting and carving skills at a time when wildfowl carvers are confined to their own workspaces. As well, regular Zoom meetings provide interaction between the instructors and students.
Bill Wilson

I have had the privilege of attending classes at your studio for 12 years. Receiving the quality of instruction that I do there, meeting up again with classmates who have become good friends over the years, and enjoying your warm and gracious hospitality have made this an experience that I eagerly look forward to every year. Thus I was concerned about what might be lost with your enforced transition to online learning this past summer.

I did miss the warm camaraderie of time spent with good friends as well as the wonderful meals you provide and the interaction around the table at meal times. To my delighted surprise, however, rather than the instruction being compromised in any way, I found it to be even more superb than its typical excellence.

Keith and Pat took great pains to provide more instruction, and more detailed explanations and demonstrations than they would have been able to do in a time-limited class setting....and were able to do so without their chain of thought being interrupted by our questions. The camera also made it much easier to closely observe what they were demonstrating than when 15 or more of us try to crowd in around them. Add to this the wonderful ability to pause a video and re- run as much of it as desired, as often as desired, to be certain that one fully and correctly understood and "got" what the instructor was seeking to get across to us.

While we did not interrupt with questions, our ability to raise our questions and to discuss concerns with both the teachers and our classmates was preserved in our weekly Zoom meetings. My learning did not suffer in any fashion! Rather, I would say that it was enhanced!
This leads me to suggest and hope that, even when we are able to be back together at the Studio again, you would consider making videos of the instructors' demonstrations....and keeping them available online to registered students for a year or so.
I thank you for a very successful and creative approach that did not let the pandemic interfere with a marvelous learning experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone without reservation.

Lorne Ruby, MD
I admit I was hesitant to try the online classes with Krausman's. I am so glad I did! The experience has been excellent. The videos are very detailed and high quality and go step by step with explanations all the way. They are easy to follow and you can stop, pause, rewind and view as much as you want. The instructors have been available for any problems or questions. I have only been able to take 1 class per year with the in person format, but have signed up for 3 in the virtual format. Such a good opportunity to try different things. Another good thing is that there's no pressure to "keep up". You can work at your own pace. I'm looking forward to finishing my projects over the winter.
Martha Chapman
Thank you so much to Al Jordan, Pam and Jim. The virtual class was extremely well done there was hours and hours of video that were laid out in a step by step format. Al explained and showed every step, easy to follow and provided so much detail. I was able to take my time no pressure to be at a certain point each day, the only thing missing was the interaction with fellow classmates and socializing during Pam's great meals. It was a great alternative to the live classes.
Reuben Unger

Thanks to you, and Jim, and Keith, Pam, for coming up with this extraordinary response to a very difficult situation. While I deeply missed seeing you and some of my classmates from across the US and Canada who have become close friends over the years, I cannot complain in any sense about the excellence of the educational experience that I was offered. Keith kindly took much more time than he would have had available to him in in-studio class demonstrations. His videos also permitted a very close at hand viewing of every step he was illustrating. Instead of simply coming away with an understanding of how to paint this bird, I felt that Keith went to the extra trouble of explaining the why of every step as well. This immeasurably aided my own personal learning style, and left me feeling that I could better tackle painting a bird on my own in the future. It also was extremely helpful for me to be able to stop, backup, and review what he had just said or done and consider its implications.....before having to race on ahead to the next step..... with the previous one only partially understood and integrated.

I am also deeply appreciative to Keith for his commitment to year-by-year building upon what he has already taught us.....and thus to encourage and stimulate our growth. Having the Zoom sessions also allowed for us to raise any questions or difficulties that we might have encountered....and to benefit from hearing and considering our classmates' questions and experiences.

While, again, I missed being with friends.....I would recommend this experience to everyone!

Lorne Ruby

Keith's videos were excellent. Having taken a number of classes with him a lot of the instruction was a refresher for me. As usual, Keith tried to include as much information as time allowed and it was a bit over whelming at times to absorb it all in one sitting. It was (is) great to be able to go back and review the videos and each time I do I pick up on something I missed the first time thru.

I think the videos that deal with color theory, oil paints, mediums, brushes, etc and the work on study boards should be archived and made available to future students who are beginners or have limited experience.

John Johnson

There have been several benefits in our virtual seminars with Keith Mueller! With all our instructions being sent over the internet through the Krausman's we can go back and refer to the instructions whenever we need to do so. That's a huge advantage! Plus, the painting videos from Keith have audio instructions and visual instructions and we can refer back to those videos whenever we need to do that, also. Plus, the Zoom meetings set up by the Krausman's are very beneficial because the questions asked by the carvers really help the other carvers. We're learning from their questions asked of Keith! It's a win, win! So glad that through zoom we can see and hear our fellow carvers in the class! Getting to know the different personalitiies of the carvers! You know that you are not in this alone.

But, after being up at the Krausman's Studio for nine or ten years for carving classes I can honestly tell you that I miss the great food, the fellowship, and the learning face to face! So glad that due to these circumstances we were able to take Keith's class on the bald eagle, virtually!

Thank you to Keith, to Kyle, and to Jim & Pam for making this happen!

Sam Hudson

You call the seminars "virtual" this year, but I say they are the real thing. The level of instruction and the way that it was presented couldn't have been better even if we had been present to watch Keith in person. It took real initiative and dedication on your part to come up with the solution to the pandemic problem that you did. And then to provide the resources and do all the work to make it possible to make it all possible.

As for Keith it's easy to see that he worked very hard to make his presentations as clear and informative as he possibly could. I'm sure that it took real time to learn to use the video camera and then to do all the setups that he needed to do in order to actually make the videos. But he was definitely successful. To me his video demonstrations are just like being there with him. He made sure that we had a clear view of what he was doing and he took pains to explain clearly what he was doing, and why. I find it to be not only informative but inspiring too. Not only has Keith given me the instructions that he could for understanding and using color, and the technique for applying it, but he's given me an unexpected enthusiasm for new subjects that I wouldn't have expected. I feel like Keith has given me the tools to go ahead and explore subjects like the effects of light, shadow, and reflected light and color. That's pretty exciting.

To you and to Keith I say "Thanks for a job well done!". I have a lot of work to do yet to complete all the exercises and assignments that Keith gave us in the course of his painting instructions but those will be done. That work will help me to really understand how to manage color and how I can interpret it. Then I can go on with my eagle. It will be my first outing to paint a piece without having Keith right there to critique and advise, and I'm looking forward to it. By that time I should be able to interpret for myself how I want to represent the eagle, and come up with the way to do it. Exactly what I want to learn. I don't believe I could ask for more.